Design and Calibration of an Innovative Ultrasonic, Arduino Based Anemometer

Date du jour : 19.11.2020
Catégorie du document : Articles scientifiques
Discipline : Informatique
Nom du ou des auteurs : Benedetto Allotta, Luca Pugi, Enrico Boni, Francesco Guidi, Marco Montagni, Tommaso Massai
Résumé / Abstract : A precise estimation of wind intensity and direction
is important for many applications. Authors, thanks to a
consolidated experience in marine robotics, are building a sail
propelled marine drone for a sustainable monitoring of wide sea
areas. In particular, sail propulsion assures a near to infinite
autonomy since limited energy demand of on board electronic can
be assured by renewable sources such as solar cells. However, to
correctly manage a sail system, a correct estimation of wind
intensity and its direction is essential. Conventional anemometers
make use of delicate mechanical moving parts, are therefore not
suitable to work autonomously in difficult environments such as
the marine one. Commercial ultrasonic anemometers represent a
valid alternative but their cost, weight and size need to be
optimized for the proposed application which is a cheap, light and
relatively small drone. In this work the authors redesigned both
acoustic and electronic system to meet the required specifications.
Innovations have been suggested in terms of materials,
components and introducing a smart measurement algorithm that
allowed the authors to simplify the design, construction and
calibration of the instrument. Finally, the system has been tested
and calibrated in a wind tunnel, introducing a simple and effective
calibration algorithm able to drastically reject disturbances
arising from interference between mechanical system and the wind
flow under measurement.
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