Prendre des notes par le dessin, la méthode du sketchnoting

Date du jour : 05.06.2020
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A retenir : "Text: used for traditional methods of note taking. An example of this is handwritten notes. Handwriting should be consistent and legible.[4]

Emphasis Text: used to make certain text and information stand out. This is commonly used for important concepts or headings. Text can be emphasized by adding a variation to existing handwriting, such as bolding, bubbling letters, or capitalization.[4]

Basic Shapes: include basic structures such as rectangles, circles, and triangles. These can be used in substitution for the traditional bullet points. Combining these shapes could also create different figures to represent different information.[4]

Containers: can be used when trying to group together similar ideas. Examples include thought bubbles, boxes, and banners.[4]

Connectors: can be used to connect related ideas to one another. Arrows, dotted lines, and paths can be used to connect one concept to another.[4]

Icons and Symbols: should be easy to draw and can be used as a visuals in notes.[4]

Sketches and Illustrations: pictures and drawings can be used to illustrate analogies or metaphors in an artistic way.[4] Furthermore, these should be quick, easy to draw, and relevant to the content of the notes.[3]

Shading: can be used to add dimension and contrast.[8]

Colors: can be used to distinguish and differentiate the content of the notes. Color choices should focus on clarity over aesthetics.[8]"
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