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Date du jour : 15.08.2021
Catégorie : Statistiques R
Nom du ou des auteurs : Karline Soetaert [aut, cre], Thomas Petzoldt [aut], Filip Meysman [cph], Lorenz Meire [cph]
Date du document : 20.02.2020
Résumé / Abstract : "R-package marelac has been designed as a tool for use by scientists working in the MArine, Riverine, Estuarine, LAcustrine and Coastal sciences.
It contains:
• chemical and physical constants, e.g. atomic weights, gas constants.
• conversion factors, e.g. from salinity to chlorinity, from mol to gram, etc.,
• utility functions, e.g. to estimate concentrations of conservative substances as a function of
salinity, ...
About the symbols used.
Here we adopt the symbolism as in McDougall et al., 2009:
• S for practical (-) or absolute salinity, (g/kg)
• P for absolute (total) pressure (bar)
• p for sea pressure (also called gauge or applied pressure (bar), the pressure relative to P0, one
standard atmosphere (=1.01325 bar)
• t for temperature in ◦C
• T for absolute temperature, in ◦K; T = t + 273.15
Many of the functions are from the UNESCO 1983 paper, or from Feistel, 2008. Note that in these
papers, pressure is expressed in dbar."
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